Sunday, December 4, 2011

Brys work party 2011

I loved doing Brys work party last year!! it was sooooo time consuming like 100 hours.  but i loved it all.  What I don't like is missing out on my friends and shopping and lunches,  but some of us have to work and thank goodness i love it!!!

this year theme was 1950 I'll be home for Christmas.  Every thing was pastel and glittery. In fact the CEO said where is the  Christmas party this must be a wedding. he he.  I know I might of glittered a bit much but I love a little glitter (ok a lot!!)

the Sweet table was so much fun to prep for however by the time  I was finished hanging the ceiling and doing the tables I had to have Ashley my partner in crime finish it for me what  a great job she did stying the jars. 

A special thanks to Kristi Lisa Ashley and Mackinsey for helping.  and Michelle and lance , and Austin for cleaning it all up!
Ok I know I'm crazy but I all ready know what I'm going to do next year.  We will reuse the bell jars and maybe some of the trees.  winter wonderland here we come.. Does anyone have those white light up reindeer I can borrow???

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jerseygirl said...

amazing-gorgeous!! great job!