Friday, March 23, 2012

Forgotten vacation

My forgotten vacation..... After Austin left for the MTC I had to run away. Its been a stressful year and I just couldn't take another thing. It just so happened that my mom and dad were in New Port at the Marriott and I suggested to them that it would greatly benefit them if I could come for a week and baby sit them.

They were very nice and said yes, so off I went to cry on my mamas shoulder about all sorts of crappy things that had been happening. 

My mom and dad take such good care of me we talked until midnight we took long drives and I spent a ton of time at the beach just walking and soaking it all in.  What would I do with out my parents?


Jennifer said...

No fair! Sounds exactly like the kind of vacation I need right now.

jerseygirl said...

I've missed your blogs, its so not fun not having a computer for months on end. I miss everyones blogs. Austin looks like he's doing great. Your fairwell seemed to go really well, and everything was so cute, how in the WORLD do you do it all. Seriously, I can't even make breakfast in the morning and that was before I had Marshall. I'll call you tonight. JFK is fine really ( don't listen to dad ) I'll come get you! and do anything to see you. Now that things are normal a little bit, driving to JFK seems not so bad! see you soon love you!