Monday, November 19, 2012

We are in!!!

Its been three months of renovating, painting and stress but we are finally in our new home.  Yes yes yes I know we are no where near done with the renovating, painting and stress but we are living at our new address.  I don't know why this is so hard for me.  I love to have a project going, the problem is I'm soooo busy with all my other jobs I can't seem to get unpacked and finish this house!!!

Bry says be patient, ok I will how ever I can not be patient with everything strew from here to New York.  If I could just put a few things away I would be so happy.

 I painted the cabinet  doors cream and took out the rock back splash behind the stove. As you can see we don't have the tile put in yet nor do we have a working hood at the moment.  the hood I want is 1,200$ and needless to say that is not going to happen.  Bry is going to make a cute cover for the  hood and trim it out with a drop hood, when I do not know as his to do list is a mile long.
 The island is also going to be ripped out next summer it does not have an over hang for the bar stools and it only seats three very uncomfortably so we will make a larger one that will seat five and be bigger to utilize the space.(and when i say we I mean Bry)

The laundry room is one of my favs so far, however its far from complete but it so much more open.  We knocked out the closet from my office and will be putting in cabinets and a folding table.  For now I have two little armories from Ikea that I just painted white that will work till I can get the real thing.  Also waiting on a little sink for the corner of the room, its plumbed but again the $$$ thing.

 I know I know it still has the tape on from painting it black. I'm not quite finished. I bought a high gloss paint and started painting away because that whats I did with my door at the other house.  Well this door is so old and there is no over hang to keep the weather off of it???? so it was flaking like crazy so I'm going to have to do the final coat in a mat finish to hide all the imperfections.

Last but not least is my family room again the rock???? (not a fan)  we took out the rock and arch and just dry walled a fireplace in.  Again not finished, the tile is picked out the mantle is number 14 on brys to do list so spring maybe??? but for  know it looks ok, just need to clean up a bit still trying to find spots to put things in.


jerseygirl said...

Looks awesome Michelle, you guys have done so much work in such a little time! Be patient, we've been in our house for over a year now...still not near done! and no deco, at least you have furniture and decor lol!! It really does look great, I love the fire place and laundry room!! the rest will come I promise!! good luck and I miss you guys, have a great Thanksgiving! want to see lots of pictures!!

jerseygirl said...

txt me....did you strip, sand, prime your door? how did you do it, I think our front door is from 1950 and has been painted a million times lol! we'll replace it eventually but in the mean time I have GOT to piant that thing lol!! at least our ugly rose bush and enormous hedges hide it lol!!