Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Parties I set up this week

I love a good party. And I love fussing and setting up a pretty table and  buffet.  I had two parties this past week and boy, it was crazy! The first is for a cute friend of mine Rhonda Swant, she has a darling day spa by the way  called  beauty addix and her facials are delightful!

She wanted me to set up for a dinner party so I brought some darling things to spruce up her already decked out home!

                                                                       Dinning Table

                                                                         Buffet Table

The next little gig was for a cute friend of mine who Caters parties and weddings and I always love helping her set up for her events.  this is the buffet table I set up, don't you love those little red vintage houses?

 the desert table is my favorite!! just look at all those cookies and cupcakes. I love using pedestal's and tiered trays, it just shows off all the yummy sweets!  You can see i put square dishes on a round glass cake plate, just use what you have and remember levels levels levels...  Then to top it off with the hot chocolate at the end WOW!

She had that banner done at Cougar Copy, they do such a great job, if you can't make a banner by hand.  It still looks special and festive!

I  loved using red and green, the next party is all white and natural  I'll post that next week if I survive!

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