Monday, April 1, 2013


This has been a busy crazy month!! so lets get started!
 Baseball season is in full swing, and Tanner is loving every min of it!!

 Pine wood derby for Taylor,  his car came in first and second for every race, however there were 30 cars and he came in 9th over all.  I"m wondering if it was because it had about 10 coats of spray paint and was really bumpy and lumpy! LOL

 Tanner was asked to Sadie Hawkins by his favorite girl Maddi H.  He is so in love with her and I so want her to marry Austin, (that's another story.)  He He He
 The swim banquet was this month and such a fun and sad night.  Tanner is going to miss swimming and the kids that made it so great!  I can't wait for Austin to come home from his mission next year so that he can swim with Tanner every day. 
 Tanners family Birthday party was fun, family and friends, this was his favorite gift.  Go Utes!  He is having a huge surprise party on Wed so I'll upload some photos soon. 

 The dog.... I have never owned a dog before, its hard!!  Zoe is darling and really a great dog, however she is a dog and she licks, YUCK!  But the kids love her and take care of her. really Tanner has needed a dog for years now. I'm surprised I got away with out a dog for so long.

Spring break in Mesquite

Some of the mamas who stayed till Friday, a few of our darling friends had left a little early. How I love to talk and hang out with these beautiful women. I look up to them so much in so many ways.  How I dearly love my friends.
 Tanner was attacked the min we got to the pool and tatted up, he loved showing off his tattoos every min, to all the girls who would look at him.  Those teenagers were darling with Tanner.

   We swam layed in the warm sun ate stayed up late went to movies, saw a fantastic magic show and shopped at the Toucan swap meet.  Bry mt biked, golfed and stayed up late enjoying his friends!!

 Austin is doing well on his mission. He has mono uughh I feel so bad.  I wish I could fly over there and make him take a nap every day.  His mission President knows and is now trying to help him with his tendonitous and arthritis in his joints. That poor kid I sure hope he makes it 10 more months!!  I love hearing about the work back there and hearing how much he is growing as a person.  A  mission will sure change a boy into a man!!

Easter was fun with the cousins we had two dinners one for a darling friends missionary farewell and one at Grandma Inkley's  I'm still stuffed!


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