Thursday, April 4, 2013

Tanners Birthday

 Tanner was in for a big surprise last night.  We threw him a surprise party for his 18th birthday.  He has talked about this day for the entire year.  He had know idea that so many people would come and celebrate with him.  When we turned on the lights and yell surprise he almost started to cry he was so happy, but usual Tanner fashion he struck a pose and started hamming it up.
 So many darling friends, the ward, neighbors, football boys, swim team friends.  I'm so blessed that so many people are helping to raise and love my guy.  What would I do without you? Thank you is not enough to express my love for these exceptional people!

 Maddi is talking Tanner to Sadie Hawkins, isn't her boy friend so sweet for letting her? Love those Holt's!!
 Pin the football on Tanner and the face painting went over well, but mostly we just played ball and hung out.
 Oh the swim gang.  How we love them.  Tanner misses swim but is now in the thick of Baseball going to Soph, Jr. and Sr. games.  He loves all sports, and how blessed I am that there are so many kids willing to help him, drive him home, and take care of him when I can't be there.

 Tanner sneaking in a kiss when ever he gets a chance what a Lady's man.  Sorry Jessi for the sloppy kiss, your such a great sport.
 Tanner is obsessed with supper hero's, so of course his friends got him a cute mask and shield which I'm sure he will not take off!!
Harrison his best buddy!!!  If it wasn't for this guy Tanner would be a mess next year.  All the kids are leaving on missions and moving on from High School and yet Harrison wants to take him to Utah football practice and keep him active!!  I just want to cry with the love I feel for Harrison and all the others who love my boy. You will be so blessed in heaven for all your service you do for him.  I don't know how I got so lucky to have all you wonderful people surrounding me, and Tanner. Thank you Thank you for all you do!  Happy Birthday Tanner

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