Tuesday, July 23, 2013

July what a crazy month

Austins girls  that's what Tanner called them Breanna and Yessy flew from New York to see us and a few other Missionaries from Utah.  We had a blast hanging out with them all week.  We went to city creek, dinner down in Provo, baseball games, and the  church museum down town.  I  made them come to church and tell their conversion story to the YW.  we had dinners and ice cream on the deck and talked till 11:00 the nights they were with us.  We love you guys see ya next year when we go back with the kids!

 photos from the Church museum. Wow beautiful things.  Its been a few years since I've gone, it was so fun to go again with them, and my boys.

 The Bees game on the 4th.  we took Breanna and Yessy they thought the game was boring just like me but loved the fire works after.  To bad the game took for ever!!! The boys however enjoyed every minute of it, and isn't that what  a good mommy should do for her kiddies?
 Bear Lake was a blast!! my kids were so excited to tube and wake board.  I'm the only one who got up on the surf board, well Tay did with Brit S. surfing with him in between his legs.  Crazy strong that guy.  the kids would have stayed on the tubes all day if they could. cant wait for next time!!!

 I love going to the symphony. We have done this for 4 years at Thanks Giving Point.  They have  a great firework show after and its so relaxing just to sit and listen to great music!! Thanks Bry.
and to top off the month I did a studio5 segment on sock monkeys  so funny I know! and mine looked like well can I say Tanner? without getting in trouble?  LOL

  here is a link to the segment.


Jennifer said...

I watched your Studio 5 segment a couple days ago. Your monkeys are so cute. Julia loves them too. Looks like you're having a fun summer.
When you get ready to make your "pilgrimage" to NY, my friend Jennifer can help you make plans. She knows all the local sites and things to do - she has a pre-prepared e-mail that she sent before we headed that way. There's so much to see out there -church and historical sites, and natural wonders too.

Paul and Whitney Curtis said...

That trip was sooooo fun!!!!