Monday, July 1, 2013

summer's here

 Hair cuts all around.  Its been a long battle but they finally got it chop off.  wow looking at the photos they really had long hair.  so funny.

Britton made a comp. lacrosse team  we are traveling all over each weekend for him to play.  I hope he likes it, cause its a lot of work and time away from his being board.  He is getting to be quite the good little lacrosse goalie. 
 My summer is filled with Young women's activities every Wed night I get to hang out with these darling girls.  Its so fun to have some girl time. I just wish I was not so old and tired LOL
I did get my new chandler  go over to my to see more photos. I love doing little things to get my house finished.  It is along process and will  take years but I can see progress and I love that a few rooms are coming together. 

Bry and I celebrated our 22 anniversary wow that sounds like a long time ha ha.  Its been hard but what marriage isn't.  we have four beautiful children a cute house our health and a great family.  we couldn't be more blessed to have what we have.  I'm so lucky to have such a great guy.  We went to see Peter Beinhot in concert it was a great night with sushi music and stars!
Off to the beach with some friends.  we had a great time eating and shopping and just being lazy.  I think this life would be so hard if we didn't have good friends.  We some one to laugh with and non judgmental shoulders to cry on.  Thanks friends for being there for me. 

Youth conference was a blast for the kids.  Tanner had such a fun time, funny thing was that it was an  Olympics for the special needs and yet Tanner only wanted to be apart of our Youth.  He did participate but wore a blue (for our youth) instead of a red shirt (special needs)  It cracked up the leaders that he is so predigest against special needs, to him he does not have anything wrong with him.  

Tanner dancing the night away at the final activity of the week.  He was so funny, but he was so tired from all the fun of the week that he left after just and hour. 

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